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Registration for Sukkot 2019-5780

Use this page to reserve your Lulav and Sukkot meals

Members of JewishROC receive free tickets for the High Holidays. Please email or call to register. Nonmembers and members who want additional tickets should add them using the non-member registration below.
Please note that registration is still required for members.

Click here for Sukkot Holiday Schedule.

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Order your Lulav & Etrog Set!
quantity: $80 each
Sukkot Meals
Join us for a meal in the Sukkah! Registration is essential so that we may properly plan.
*No charge for Gold members for meals, but registration still a must.
Erev Sukkot Dinner Sun,Oct.13, 7:15p.m. $25 X / members $30X / nonmembers  Gold
Day 1 Kiddush Lunch, Mon Oct. 14, noon $25 X / members $30X / nonmembers  Gold
Day 2 Dinner, Mon. Oct.14, 7:40p.m. $25 X / members $30X / nonmembers  Gold
Day 2 Lunch, Tue. Oct. 15, noon $25 X / members $30X / nonmembers  Gold
Shabbat Dinner, Fri. Oct.18, 7p.m $25 X / members $30X / nonmembers  Gold
Kiddush Lunch, Sat. Oct.19, noon $25 X / members $30X / nonmembers  Gold
Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah Meals
All Meals $25/members, $30/Nonmembers
No charge for Gold members, but registration still a must.
Shemini Atzeret BBQ Sun, Oct. 20, 7p.m.  $36X members and nonmembers Gold
Kiddush Lunch Mon , Oct. 21, 12:30p.m.  $25X /members $30X/nonmembers Gold
Yom Tov Dinner Mon ,Oct 21, 7p.m. $25X /members $30X /nonmembers Gold
Simchat Torah Lunch Tues, Oct.22, 1:15p.m. $25X /members $30X/nonmembers Gold