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Registration for High Holidays 2019-5780

Use this page to reserve your High Holiday tickets and meals

Members of JewishROC receive free tickets for the High Holidays. Please email or call to register. Nonmembers and members who want additional tickets should add them using the non-member registration below.
Please note that registration is still required for members.

Click here for High Holiday Schedule.

Your first name:
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Your email:
Register for Rosh Hashannah & Yom Kippur Services
Rosh Hashanah Sept. 29 – 30
Yom Kippur: Oct. 8 - 9
(Includes both Rosh Hashannah and Yom Kippur)
  Number of member tickets (no charge)
 Tickets for non-members ($120 each)
 Tickets Gold members($0 each)
Once a year we print a new Yizkor book to be used throughout the year during Yizkor services. Those who purchase a yartzeit plaque in our shul will have the names of that particular person automatically added to the booklet annually.
include up to 6 names for $54 X
Purchase a Yartzeit plaque in our Shul for $360 X
You will be contacted by the office for details.

  Your tzedeka for the Kol Nidre appeal during the important time of Yom Kippur goes to maintaining JewishROC's numerous services, programs, and classes. Help to make your JewishROC home thrive with your Yom Kippur tzedeka!
Enter an amount: $

Seating is very limited for for High Holiday Meals
Holiday meals are $25/person for members; $30/person for nonmembers; free for JewishROC EZpass holders. Registration is required for all (including EZpass holders).
Email the office for availability.
Holiday Meals for Rosh Hashannah
Erev Rosh Hashanah Dinner
Sun. Sept.29, 7:30p.m.
$25 X / members$30 X / nonmembers  Gold Members
Day 1 kiddush Mon. Sept.30, 1:45p.m $25 X / members $30 X / nonmembers  Gold Members
Day 1 Dinner Mon. Sept. 30,7:45p.m. $25 X / members $30 X / nonmembers  Gold Members
Day 2 kiddush Tue. Oct 1, 1:45p.m. $25 X / members $30 X / nonmembers  Gold Members
Shabbat Shuva Dinner 
Fri Oct.4, 7:30p.m.
$25 X / members $30 X / nonmembers  Gold Members
Breaking of the Fast for Yom Kippur

Break-Fast ,Weds. Oct. 9th, 7:30p.m. $25 X / members $30 X / nonmembers  Gold Members

This meal is only open to those attending the Yom Kippur Service.