Every Spring JewishROC holds our annual "It's Up To Me" Campaign. This fundraiser is an essential part of our operating cost to maintain our extensive educational and community programs.

This year, more than ever,
we need your support.

 During these uncertain times, donations to JewishROC have dropped 95%, but we continue to provide ongoing learning and inspiration to our community.

In response to social distancing, JewishROC has opened every class and lecture to the public free of charge.

Now, more than ever

 If you value the learning and inspiration JewishROC provides, if you value the Jewish continuity JewishROC provides, and if you value our 15 year track record of reaching out to Jews from all backgrounds.

Please make a donation today to our "It's Up to Me" campaign.

Help assure JewishROC's survival for today and the future
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