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  Yizkor Book

Deadline to include the names of your loved ones in the annual Yizkor book is September 13. The Yizkor book is used throughout the year for all holiday Yizkor services.
Cost: $54.
Click below and the office will contact you for your loved one's names to include. Purchase a plaque for our shul yartzeit board ($360) and automatically have the name of your loved one entered in the Yizkor book every year at no additional charge.

Lulav and Etrog

Cost: $80. Deadline to order, Sept. 18. Arba minim will be available for pickup Wed. Sept. 30 and Thurs. Oct. 1.

Kol Nidre Appeal

At this time of year, when we seek “repentance, prayer and charity,” we hope you will remember JewishROC in your tzedekah contributions. Your support maintains JewishROC and assures we are here for years to come!
Donate online using the form below.
Enter options below and click the button to continue on to PayPal.
The office will contact you for loved one's names.
 Yizkor Book Names: x $54 each
 Yartzeit Plaques: x $360 each
  Number of Lulav: X $80 each
 Kol Nidre Appeal donation: $ -Enter an amount to donate